Spring 2014 Seminar:

Cross Cultural Currents in Theater

TA 102C & TA 298A, Thusdays 3-6, with Distinguished Professor Sue-Ellen Case (Theater Department) and Assistant Professor Anurima Banerji (Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance)

This upper division and graduate seminar will explore the historical and contemporary stagings of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender identifications. It will provide a survey of critical texts and performances that concern transgender and same-sex desires and their representations. Issues addressed within the quarter include queerness and racialization, transnationalism, juridical codes of gender and sexuality, and performances of resistance.

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Vol. 6: Anxieties of Overexposure: Enlargements, Contagions, & the Dark

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Prop Q: Proposing Queer Performance:

A symposia comprised of films, roundtables, live performances, and guest lectures by prominent scholars who have impacted the field of queer theory and artists who highlight queer issues in their creative practice. Featured presenters include performance artists Julie Tolentino, Rafael Esparza, and D'Loco Kid, NYU professor Gayatri Gopinath, and film director Donna Deitch.